General Questions:

Will Litcessory products cause my Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus to be dimmer?

Will Litcessory products work with any other brand of lightstrips besides Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus?

Philips says their lightstrips are expandable to a maximum of 10 meters/33 feet. If I use an extension cable or ethernet cable, does this affect the 10 meter/33 foot limit?

I just used a Litcessory product and now my lights won't turn on. What should I do?

Do Litcessory extension cables have LED lights on them?

I used a cut-end connector and now my lightstrip colors don’t match. How do I fix this?

How do I extend the distance between the controller and the lightstrip?

Controller to 6-Pin:

How do I know which version of the Direct-To-Controller Adapter to choose?

I used the direct-to-controller (hardwired version) to connect to my controller. Then I plugged in an extension cable to the direct-to-controller. How do I connect to the original starter lightstrip?


Can I insert a 6-pin connector into a cut-end connector?

How many times can I split? I want to connect 3+ extensions using Splitters, will that work?

Cut-End Connector:

Can you insert 6-pin connectors into the cut-end connector?

I have a cut Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus. How do I connect another Philips Hue Lightstrip to it?

I have a cut Philips Hue lightstrip and I need to add a Litcessory Extension Cable and connect to another cut Philips Hue lightstrip. How do I connect this?

Extension Cables:

Can I plug an extension cable into a Cut-End to Cut-End Connector?

Can I cut a Litcessory Extension Cable to a custom length?

Power to Controller:

Does this work with the original HUE Power Supply and Controller?

Do I have to worry about the polarity of the cable with my Controller?

Can I Cut and Extend the Power to Controller Cable?

V3 to V4 Adapter:

Can I use this to connect my old V3 Hue Lightstrips to the new V4 Hue Lightstrips?

Does this adapter come in a female connector version?

How do I connect the two lightstrips versions without flipping the lightstrip or reversing the polarity?

Can I use this adapter with a Litcessory Extension Cable or Splitter?


How to use it?

How to Reset the LumenX Controller?

How to Connect LumenX to the Philips Hue Bridge?

How to Connect LumenX Using Samsung SmartThings?

How to Connect LumenX Using Google Assistant?

How to Connect LumenX Using Amazon Alexa?

Can LumenX be used with Litcessory products?

Can I extend my LumenX Lightstrip with another LumenX Lightstrip?

Can I connect my LumenX Lightstrip directly to Phillips Hue lightstrips?

Can LumenX work with Apple Home Kit?

Can I use LumenX without the USB Controller?

Returns and Refunds:

What is your returns and refund policy?


What warranty comes with Litcessory products?